Church Rental Policies

WHEN YOU HAVE LOST A LOVED ONE…Our thoughts and prayers go out to you in this time of loss and grief. Your church wants to be there for you to minister to your needs and bring comfort to your heart. Rising Star is available to counsel and minister to you and your loved ones during this time. Please let us know any specific ways we can be of assistance to you.

In case of funerals being held at Rising Star, contact The church at 661-831-2567 or to make arrangements for funeral services at Rising Star.

In the case of the death of a family member and the funeral is being held at another church, please let us know.

This information has been put together to assist you with the practical aspects of dealing with your loss as well as serve as the Rising Star Funeral Policy. Within these pages you will find the following information: 


The Senior Pastor, Church Leaders and the members of Rising Star Baptist Church shall be sympathetic and sensitive to the needs of families in bereavement. Condolences shall be extended to each family with our sincere regard. We recommend services planned in a manner that will console and preserve the dignity of the family. Upon the death of a family member, please contact the church office. The church can assist your family in preparing for the funeral services.


1. Funeral Services at no cost can be held for members of the church and their immediate family (spouse, or their children) if they are an active church member  attending Rising Star Church regularly or, has not been absent from church for reasons unknown to the Pastor or staff for no more than 3 months.

2. Funeral Services for non-members must be at the discretion of the Church Senior Pastor for a cost of $300.00 for 2 hours for Sanctuary (only) and $500.00 if the social hall is included.  
This does not include the cost of a musician (organist) or food.  Unfortunately, due to the volume of funeral services held at Rising Star we will only be responsible for providing music for funerals of active members.  Pastor Kevin Edwards does not usually charge (Eulogy) but, it is at his discretion

3. The church will not cancel any major planned events (weddings, conferences, workshops, etc) to accommodate a funeral service. Weekdays are very flexible with the exception of Wednesday.

4. A Wake Hour can be scheduled at the church ONLY if the Funeral Home cannot accommodate the number of attendants.

5. The church can help the family in planning the funeral and the layout of the program but, the cost of printing the programs will be the responsibility of the family.

6. Rising Star can prepare/serve a meal for active family members after the funeral service at the repast.

7. Rising Star does not charge a fee for the repast for active members however, if a non- member family is approved to have a funeral service at the church, the family will be responsible for the cost of the repast. The cost for a family of 50 members is $150.00,  for a family of 75 members is $250.00 and for a family of 100 members is $300.00  The menu will include a meat, two vegetables, bread, punch and dessert. For larger families, the cost for the repast will vary and the amount will be determined by the Events Director.

8. All Eulogists must be pre-approved by the Senior Pastor.

9. Any video presentation must be submitted to the Media Ministry 24 hours prior to the funeral service.   All presentations should be in movie format (NOT Power Point) and should not exceed five (5) minutes in length.

10. Funeral Services may be held at the church for families with no insurance at the Pastor’s discretion (not to exceed 2 hours, no repast included and, only on
Mondays – Thursdays.)

11. Any Pastor may perform the Eulogy if He is Ordained By a Church that Believes in the Trinity –  God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Ghost.

12. Any Pastor or Ordained Minister of Rising Star Baptist Church performing a funeral outside of its Facility he must have Senior Pastors Approval, and cost if any is up to that Minister and the Church is not Responsible for any mishaps (late, Does Not perform well, Medical, accidents etc).
Senior Pastor Does Perform funerals Outside of Facility, a honorarium should be considered.



Rising Star Baptist Church Basic Policy/ Rental Agreement

for Christian Concerts, Comedy, etc, We do not rent property for Revivals.
Prices Vary Depending on event
Date: _____________
Applicant Name:______________________________________________
Organization Name: ___________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________________
Cell Phone (Contact during event): ____________________________
Space(s) Requested: __________________________________________
Date of Use: ______________________________________________
Time of Use (please include time needed for set-up and break-down):
Arrival __________________ Departure _________________
Purpose: __________________________________________________
Number of Persons Expected: _________________________________
Audio-Visual Requests: ______________________________________
Person Responsible: _________________________________________
Addresses & Phone if different from above:
Church Member Sponsor, if applicable: ___________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________________________
I agree to pay the rental fee for the requested space and to be responsible for additional costs
For cleanup, repairs, or property damage that are a result of the use of the building.
Signature (must be 21 years of age to sign): _________________________________
Date: _____________
I/We, the undersigned authorized representative/s of ________________________________
(Name of Organization) of the city of ___________________________________, state of
_________________________________ shall be using the building and grounds Rising Star Baptist Church   (hereafter referred to as “the Church”) from
____________to __________________ for the purpose of
_________________________________ (herein referred to as “the Activity.”
I/We understand and agree that neither the Church nor its trustees, representatives,
Employees or agents may be held liable in any way for an occurrence in connection with the activity which may result in injury, harm, or other damages to the undersigned or members of our organization and guest, invited or not.


                        Rising Star Baptist Church Wedding Policy  (As of February 2, 2012)
Purpose: The congregation of Rising Star Baptist Church welcomes you and prays God’s
blessing upon your pending marriage. We look forward to the possibility of being of service to
you during this exciting process. This booklet is intended to give you all the information
necessary to make this occasion a meaningful one and assure that the wedding and
surrounding tasks run smoothly. Please note that the pastoral staff reserves the right to refuse
to perform the ceremony at any time.
Persons: A man and woman desiring to be married at Rising Star Baptist Church or by a
Rising Star minister must meet the following requirements:
1. Have a valid California marriage license.
2. Present evidence before the wedding date of having completed premarital
counseling with a Rising Star staff minister, another minister, or a qualified
3. Previously married individuals should present a statement of the status of the
previous marriage(s) and the circumstances related to the end of the previous
4. Clear the date for the wedding with the church office if using the church facilities.
Facilities: Reservations must be made with the church office for rehearsal, ceremony, and
Reception dates for all needed facilities and equipment. The foyer, sanctuary, fellowship hall,
rest rooms, and kitchen are the facilities normally used. The piano, organ, sound system,
tables, and chairs are examples of equipment normally used. The cost for the wedding appears
below. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your wedding dates. The check
should be written to Rising Star Baptist Church.
Ministers: The wedding may be conducted by a Rising Star staff minister or by a
visiting minister. It is appropriate to provide an honorarium for the conducting minister.

Any Pastor or Ordained Minister of Rising Star Baptist Church performing a Wedding outside of its Facility he must have Senior Pastors Approval, and cost if any is up to that Minister and the Church is not Responsible for any mishaps (late, Does Not perform well, Medical, accidents etc).
Senior Pastor Does Perform Weddings Outside of Facility, a honorarium should be considered.

Musicians: The church does not provide musicians for the wedding, but Rising Star
musicians and qualified visiting musicians may use the piano. It is appropriate to provide
an honorarium for the musicians.
Sound Technician: Only church approved technicians may use the church sound
system. The technician’s fee is included in the basic fees for a wedding.
Custodian: The church will be cleaned before and after your wedding. The custodian’s
fee is included in the basic fees for a wedding.
Wedding Coordinator: Our wedding coordinator will be responsible for the flow of
your wedding if you choose and your general contact person for facility usage. The wedding
coordinator’s fee is included in the basic fees for a wedding.
Care and Use of the Facilities
During the Wedding and Reception
1. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the facility.
2. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere in the facility or on the church property.
3. The church furniture in the sanctuary may only be moved under the supervision of the
custodian or other staff members. The wedding party is responsible for returning the
furniture to the original location after the wedding.
4. No tape is to be placed on any walls or furniture anywhere in the facility. You can choose to
use sticky tac if you wish.
5. If candles are to be used they must be dripless candles.
6. The church tables and chairs are available for use by the wedding party. Extra chairs and
tables can be brought in by the wedding party and are the responsibility of the wedding
7. The church does not provide flowers, decorations, tablecloths, punch bowls, tableware, or
other such equipment. These are the responsibility of the wedding party.
8. The kitchen is available for meals and receptions and should be cleaned afterwards.
9. Birdseed should be thrown only in the parking area, never inside the building.
10. If cars are decorated by the family and friends, the family should arrange to remove any
debris from the parking lot.
11. If after reading these policies you desire to be married in the Rising Star Baptist Church
facility, please call the church office to schedule an appointment with the minister and/or
coordinator, who will show you the facilities and make additional arrangements with you.
We have read the above instructions and agree to abide by them.
Bride’s Signature____________________ Phone_______________
Groom’s Signature____________________ Phone_______________
Date Signed_______________
Time and Date of the Rehearsal_______________ Wedding_______________
Reception at Church?_____ Estimated Number________ Date Deposit Made_____________
Rising Star Baptist Church
Wedding Cost Sheet
Note: All of the below mentioned fees are subject to change and should be paid in one check
payable to Rising Star Baptist Church. It should be given to the minister at the time of the
rehearsal or delivered to the church office before the rehearsal.
The marriage license is to be given to the performing minister at the wedding rehearsal.
Wedding Fees (charges include deposit):
Facility Rental (Member):
Rehearsal and wedding only $ 150.00
Rehearsal, wedding, and reception $ 200.00
Saturday after 10:00pm fee $ 50.00
Facility Rental (Non-Member):
Rehearsal and wedding only $ 300.00
Rehearsal, wedding, and reception $ 500.00
Saturday after 10:00pm fee $ 50.00
Honorarium $100.00*
*The honorarium to the minister is in appreciation of his time spent in counseling, conducting
the rehearsal and wedding, and is the responsibility of the groom, usually presented through
the best man to the minister. This fee may be waived dependent upon financial circumstances.
Rising Star Baptist Church
General Information Sheet
Rehearsal Date_______________ Rehearsal Time_______________
Wedding Date________________ Wedding Time________________
Bride________________________ Member @ RSBC_______________
Address______________________ Previously Married_____________
City, State____________________ Zip__________________________
Home Phone__________________ Work Phone__________________
Groom_______________________ Member @ RSBC_______________
Address______________________ Previously Married______________
City, State____________________ Zip__________________________
Home Phone__________________ Work Phone___________________
Minister Performing Wedding________________________________________________
Soloist_______________________ Pianist_________________________
Maid of Honor_________________ Best Man_______________________
Who gives away bride?______________________________________________________
(Please indicate number of those involved)
Bridesmaids_____ Groomsmen_____ Ushers_____
Candle Lighters_____
(Please indicate with “yes” or “no” to the section below)
Ring Bearer_____ Flower Girl_____ Kneeling Bench_____
Communion_____ Unity Candle_____ Audio Tape_____
Stationary Video_____ Guest Register Stand_____
Rising Star Baptist Church
Preparation Sheet
Opening Date and Time for Rehearsal: ____________________
Closing Date and Time for Rehearsal: _____________________
Opening Date and Time for Florist: _______________________
Name of Florist: _______________________________________
Opening Date and Time for Bridal Party for Wedding: _________________________________
Opening Date and Time for Caterer: ______________________
Closing Date and Time for Rehearsal: _____________________
Closing Date and Time for Wedding: ______________________
Additional Needs:
(We want to minister to you and your family during this special time. Please tell us how we can
better serve you and make this time memorable and filled with God’s blessing!)
My Wedding Checklist
1. Obtained marriage license? Yes ( ) No ( )
2. Completed forms and met with wedding coordinator? Yes ( ) No ( )
3. Confirmed date of rehearsal and wedding on church calendar? Yes ( ) No ( )
4. Scheduled date for consultation with minister? Yes ( ) No ( )
5. Selected and ordered invitations? Yes ( ) No ( )
6. Contacted florist? Yes ( ) No ( )
7. Contacted the photographer? Yes ( ) No ( )
8. Contacted the pianist and soloists? Yes ( ) No ( )
9. Contacted wedding hostess? Yes ( ) No ( )
10. Provided pianist and soloists with necessary music? Yes ( ) No ( )
11. Contacted the church regarding the reception? Yes ( ) No ( )
12. Contacted the reception hostess? Yes ( )
No ( )
13. Selected and ordered wedding cake? Yes ( ) No ( )
14. Completed premarital counseling required by minister? Yes ( ) No ( )