Star Transportation Ministry

Our Mission

To transport Members to  Sunday Biblical.lnstitute (Sunday School) and stay for the 10 a.m. Church Service each Sunday and transport them back to pickup site, also to manage the church’s vehicular fleet, including making vehicles available for use by other ministries, with drivers being provided by the requesting ministries  





  • Sunday school at 9AM and Church Service at 10AM
    • Policy – Every effort is made to transport Members and non-Members to the church by 9: a.m. Church Services any passenger who requests transportation and lives within 12 miles of the church.


  • Procedures – Sunday Biblical Institute start at 9 AM. Church Service at 10AM – Any person desiring transportation from home to church by 9:00AM. Sunday School service, each Sunday must call the Bus Driver at , 661-663-7309  between the hours of 7:30 A.M. and 9:00 PM Saturdays., requesting transportation. The Driver will request the caller’s name, pick-up address, telephone number and number of passengers to be transported. The driver will inform the caller as to the approximate time that the van will arrive. Passengers must be prepared to board the van immediately upon its arrival. (Due to time constrains and the scheduled pick-up of other passengers, drivers are instructed to not stand and wait for passengers.) For return trips home, vans are boarded at the same location from which passengers were discharged. The departure time shall be not later than 15 minutes after the end of Sunday 10:AM Church Service.


  • Other Ministries’ Transportation:
    • Policy – The leader of each ministry, desiring the use of a church vehicle, must complete a Vehicle Requested form (blank copies are available in the church office or to print the form) and submit it to the Transportation Director (mailbox in the church office), not later than five days prior to the date that the vehicle is to be used. The form must include the name of the person who has volunteered to drive. The volunteer driver must have a valid, state issued driver’s license. The driver’s age must be between 21 and 70 years. The driver shall be compensated in accordance with policy located on the reverse side of the Vehicle Requested form,  Vehicles are provided on a first request received/first request approved bases. A copy of the approved request form will be placed in the requesting ministry’s mailbox (in the church office), not later than three days prior to the date that the vehicle will be used.


  • Procedures – On the day that the vehicle is used, the driver must:
    • get copy of the approved Vehicle Requested form.
    • Get from Director of Transportation the vehicle’s keys.
    • Inspect the exterior of the vehicle for damages. Note and report damages to Security, prior to operating the vehicle.

Ensure that the vehicle has sufficient fuel to complete the round trip. If insufficient, get a gas card from Security, fill the gas tank and return the card to Security, prior to departure on the trip.

  • (Future) Complete the Motor Vehicle Daily Trip Report form, located on the clip board in the vehicle.
  • When the trip is completed, properly secure the vehicle and return the keys to Security. Should the church grounds be found secured, upon return, and Security persons are not available, return the keys to Security, prior to noon the next day.




Biblical Institute and 9:00 a.m. Sunday School Service Deacon Hugo Henderson
  Min Bobby Ortiz
Other [view Drivers List]


Deacon Hugo Henderson  661-6637309