Rev. Dr. Kevin Lee Edwards Sr., Pastor

Pastor Kevin Edwards serves as the Founder, Organizer, and Senior Pastor of Rising Star Baptist Church in Bakersfield, California. Rising Star Baptist Church was Organized in June of 1994. Pastor Edwards, along with his wife, First Lady and Minster, Sharon Edwards proudly serve the members of Rising Star Baptist Church and their fellow community members.  Through intentional and productive community engagement, Pastor Kevin Edwards has built positive relationships with community leaders such as: Mayor, Karen Goh, Police Chief, Lyle Martin and others.
In Feb 1989, Pastor Edwards accepted his call to ministry at the age of 28. This early start has provided to him a long and rich history Kingdom building. Pastor Edwards has honed in on his craft by dedicating himself to preparation, and formal training under the leadership of the late Dr. John Thomas Edwards. Pastor Edwards received a certificate of completion from Liberty University Home Bible institute in 2006, under the leadership of Dr. Jerry Falwell, and Dr. H.L. Wilmington, of Lynchburg, Virginia. On April 27th  2019 Pastor Kevin Edwards achieved a Doctorate of Divinity Degree, from St Thomas Christian University . 

Pastor Kevin Edwards Graduated “Good News Seminary and Bible College by Virtue of authority granted by Transworld Accrediting Agency with an Associate Degree and a Bachelors Degree in Theology, as a way to increase his knowledge base, and to open himself up to new ideas and strategies that he may be able to implement in the future. Pastor Edwards is excited about attending seminary and being surrounded by other innovators, and pastors that seek the same increase of knowledge that seminary provides. Pastor Edwards appreciated the vision of Dr. Larry Stampers, PhD, JD, who is the President and Chancellor of “Good News Seminary and Bible College”. Pastor Edwards is regarded by many as one of the kingdom of God’s best teachers and preachers.
When asked to number his priorities, Pastor Edwards puts serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as his first priority. Pastor Edwards also believes that family should be a priority as well. Pastor Edwards and his wife are the proud parents of 6 children, and 11 grandchildren.  Though raising 6 children and operating in ministry was very difficult to manage, he still pressed on. Pastor Edwards has always dreamed of attending seminary, but chose to make caring for his family and shepherding the church and its members, his priority. Now his kids are all grown enable him to now pursue his dream of a better education. As Senior Pastor, he exemplifies the standards of excellence, dignity, and respect while serving in leadership. Under his leadership, Rising Star Baptist Church has transitioned and grown to become, one of the nation’s fastest growing churches.

Pastor Kevin Edwards served as a member of the Southern Baptist Association, NAMB. He also  lead for the State of California State under the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. He also served as the Full Gospel Fellowship District Overseer, the Director of the Next Level Men Development Ministry for the State of California, and has received a certificate of recognition by the California State Assembly 30th District Legislature.  Pastor Edwards is also an African American Network of Kern County volunteer. Pastor Edwards has also spearheaded, along with other pastors in Kern County the “Save Our Youth Fair” in 2019. Pastor Edwards has received certificates in 1988, and 1989 from the California Baptist State Brotherhood Union. Additionally, Pastor Edwards has received a community service award from staff at Emerson Middle School, and the Best Pastor award from the church members he pastors.

When Pastor Edwards is described by his family, community members, and his colleagues, he is described as: wise, humorous, anointed, unique, loving, and a visionary. Pastor Edwards is intentional about kingdom business and will continue to dedicate his time, energy, and life for the edification of the body of Christ.